Geneviève Arnaud, R.H.N., R.N.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc.) from Queen’s University, and began my nursing career in London, Ontario in paediatric inpatient care and oncology before transferring to mental health. It was in my first year of nursing when I began to attune to the vital role nutrition plays in maintaining overall health, as well as how woefully deficient this is emphasized and provided for through the conventional Western medicine model of care. In 2014, I relocated to British Columbia to pursue my passion for the care of those suffering from mental illness. For two and a half years I specialized in eating disorders at the Looking Glass Residence in Vancouver before broadening my practice to outpatient and residential mental health care and addictions services in Squamish and Whistler.

In 2016, I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with a diploma in Natural Nutrition and the designation R.H.N. It was here I learned the importance of a holistic approach in promoting and sustaining wellness, which supported my developing belief that there was far more involved in enhancing health than solely through Western medicine.

A lifelong athlete, I am also a long-distance trail runner, competing in races throughout Canada and the United States. Having been involved in numerous sports my whole life, I understand the demands of an athlete and the importance of proper nutrition to achieve peak performance. I believe it is vital to prioritize one’s passions in life in order to achieve a balanced sense of well-being and I focus on this within my nutritional practice.


My practice centers on whole, plant-based foods—a lifestyle I have adopted since April 2012. I have additional certification specializing in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University, as well as twice attended the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference in California.

My combined education and experience in mental health (primarily depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions), athletics, natural nutrition and a plant-based lifestyle has allowed me to formulate a unique, holistic and personalized approach to one’s health through the integration of plant-based nutrition. Furthermore, I am passionate about extending this knowledge to any individuals, athletes and families interested in incorporating a partial or entirely plant-based approach into their lifestyle.

Plan of Action

My desire and hope for my services is to provide people with the insight, capabilities and confidence in their own ability to take control of their health—mental and physical. You will be amazed at how even small changes to diet and lifestyle can make big impacts to your quality of life. We will begin with an assessment of your current dietary and lifestyle practices and formulate goals on what you hope to achieve throughout working with a R.H.N. We will work together to ensure any plans and changes are suited to your level of readiness and realistically integrated into your life. Education and hands-on practice in your home environment will be integral to inspiring confidence and building success.

An important take home message: my approach is very much focused on helping others embrace a lifestyle change centered on how you can best understand, navigate and enhance your own health and well-being. I do not embrace quick fix, fad diet, one-pill-cures-all methods. Rather, my aim is about setting individualized goals and forming realistic pathways that will guide you to sustainable and lasting change.