Eating Disorders Program

When it comes to the treatment of people with eating disorders, the dietary approach is often rigidly tied to Canada’s Food Guide and leaves little-to-no option for the accommodation of preferences, sensitivities, cultural beliefs or personal practices. I believe it is possible to find a way to individualize a client’s nutrition plan, accommodating the person over the eating disorder.

Many of those who work in the field of eating disorders regard veganism or plant-based nutrition as “too restrictive” and usually refuse to discuss it as an option for a person’s care. An eating disorder may entice someone to use veganism as a means to restrict, but that does not mean it is automatically an unhealthy, imbalanced choice of diet and lifestyle. If you aspire to adopt a plant-based lifestyle for personal, ethical or environmental reasons—and you struggle with an eating disorder—I will work with you to provide the education, balance and confidence needed to pursue this lifestyle; and yes, it is possible to do so as part of your recovery.

One of my goals is to offer a level of support that fits between the services commonly offered today. People who do not require inpatient or residential support, but would benefit from more than an hour or two a week in the community is difficult to find, if not non-existent altogether. My goal is to help fill this gap in care, providing personalized support that works around your schedule. This is offered in both individual (1:1) support and in a group setting through the Atwell Health Eating Disorders Program.

The Atwell Health Eating Disorders Program is a blend of the 1:1 work through the Co-Pilot package as well as six half-day group gatherings twice a month. This group setting will allow individuals to become part of a small community whereby they can receive additional peer support from others sharing similar struggles and experiences. This program is limited to four individuals at a time. Though the 1:1 work with me can be done online (distance), you will be required to do the gatherings in Squamish.

What will be included in the program:

  • Various education sessions pertinent to those struggling with eating disorders
    • Topics include (but are not limited to): macronutrients, food myths, plant-based lifestyle, stress, the role of concurring mental health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, etc.), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, and how eating disorders affect both the physical body and mental health.
  • Various stress management techniques
    • Such as (but not limited to): hiking, yoga, meditation, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Group meal preparation
    • As a group, we will all help prepare a meal together, equally contributing to the various elements of the cooking process
  • Group meal support
    • After we have prepared the meal, we will all sit down and eat the meal together, supporting each other throughout the process

The price of this entire three month program is $3,600 + tax.